Debunking Myths on Spa Baths According to a Spa Shop Sydney Center

Debunking Myths on Spa Baths According to a Spa Shop Sydney Center

A reputable spa shop Sydney center will be of substantial help if you are contemplating on acquiring an outdoor bath spa for your backyard. As for myself, I reached out to a spa shop near me and they enlightened me about the various health-promoting benefits of this outdoor water entertainment features, to which I knew nothing about before. That vindicated me and my decision to buy a bath spa for myself and family, too. 

Sometimes the most confusing part about deciding on this regard,  whether you should proceed with your plans to buy a bath spa or not, are the varied opinions that people have about it. 

Different opinions are just out there, with that you will easily lose grip on what is fact from fiction. Here are some of the common myths we came across about bath spas and other similar outdoor entertainment water features. 

Myth 1. Bath spas are expensive to operate. 

Many people today are under the impression that buying a bath spa or hot tub will consume a tremendous amount of electricity. Thus, they are on the expensive side to run and maintain.

But here is the reality of it now, the vast majority of today’s models for bath spas and hot tub are energy-efficient models. They are primarily designed in such a way that their operating costs would be low.  

Myth 2. Water care is challenging.

Time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient. This is the general impression of many people concerning bath spa water care. But it is only a matter of using the right kind of filtration system here because it will almost take care of all the work for you. 

There are filtration systems that will clean and sanitize the water in the tub 2 to 3 times a day, and it will only take it about 15 minutes to get the job done. Although, you have an option to sanitize its water on your own after every few weeks. With that in mind, do you think how hard can that be?  

Myth 3.  Chlorine could induce redness of the eyes, irritation, and burns. 

While the use of chlorine may bring about a certain level of danger due to its being a strong chemical and therefore requires careful handling all the time, we can’t hold it responsible if we experience irritation of the eyes following a soak in the spa.

More than the chlorine itself, this condition occurring to bath spa users have something to do with the water’s pH level. Or better yet, the alkalinity of the water is causing all that. 

If the water’s pH level is low, it means that it is too acidic. If it gets too high, that indicates that the water has become too caustic, which induce itchy, burning eyes. To prevent this from happening, it is vital that you check out the water’s pH balance at least once every week.

You can take advantage of a home test kit for this purpose and make necessary adjustments to the water’s pH balance as needed.  Another option is to get a professional to have your water tested.  

Myth 4.  The plenty of jets you have on your bath spa, the better the unit it is. 

Don’t allow yourself to get into believing this, it is just a hype. Truth is you might encounter dealers who will get you into believing that purchasing a bath spa with the most number of jets would be most beneficial to your health. 

If the reason you are wanting to have a bath spa is more about enjoying its various health promoting benefits, you are likely to get hooked on his sales talk. But you need to understand that the quantity of jets does not have anything to do with the massaging power of a bath spa. It is all about the quality, type, and placement of the bath spa jets that make the difference.  

Myth 5. It is okay to sanitize your bath spa with a bleaching product. 

A big no. Doing so will hurt your bath spa, it will wreak damage to it. 

As much as possible, you need to keep your bleaching products away from your bath spa. They are caustic and can be very harsh on your bath spa finishes. If a bleaching product comes into contact with your bath spa surface, it is likely to ruin the shell of your tub. It will also cause cosmetic damage to the surface of the hot tub cover. 

Therefore, instead of using liquid bleach for your bath spa’s cleaning needs, you should grab instead of an approved sanitizer. Doing so will certainly help in making the water in your tub crystal clear and your tub cover squeaky clean.