Plasma Cutting Table: How Does it Work?

Many people are curious as to how a plasma cutting table really works. One of the most basic ways to put it and to explain the process behind plasma cutting is just to consider it as a controlled melting. In fact, it is a highly accurate controlled melting.

The Process

A compressed gas is being blown through a nozzle that is at a high pressure. Then an electrical arc will be formed within the gas between an electrode. After which, it will be integrated into the nozzle and to the material that is supposed to be cut. The arc is the one that creates a channel of plasma. This is done by ionizing some gas that is blown through the nozzle. With a plasma torch that is responsible for passing electricity through the arc and the gas the plasma becomes hot, making it capable to melt the material in a very controlled manner. Eventually, as this material becomes hot enough, the pressure coming from the plasma and gas will be enough to force the material away and leave with a very clean cut.

The same process is applied to the other types of plasma cutting. By using CNC plasma cutting tables, you can cut thicker material. In fact, they can cut metals that are three times as thick as a hand-held torch.


Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Cutting Tables

A plasma cutting table is controlled by the use of specific computers or PCs that are adapted to control them. The process basically involves a computer-aided design that allows the user to draw his desired cuts to the screen. When this is done, the cutting table will be programmed to cut the specific material based on the design. There are various levels of control but generally, it can be paused and you can set the cutting speed.

This accuracy, that is not often seen on other machines, has been made possible because of the clean cuts that are made by the plasma torch. In fact, even the most intricate designs can be cut in a fraction of time that will be needed to do so manually. This means that you will be saving so much of your time. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about metal shards that will be left when the cutting is done. This is another advantage that are benefiting a lot of people as far as plasma cutting is concerned.


Latest Developments

Over the last few decades, plasma torches have been very successful in reaching near-laser levels of accuracy. With its help, it has become possible for people to manufacture the torches with smaller nozzles and thus, a smaller plasma arc to cut with. Given this, you can greatly reduce the need to have extra preparations for metals prior to welding.

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