Using A Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet for Safety

If you happen to be working at a facility that requires you to handle some flammable liquid, then having a dangerous goods storage cabinet is a must. This is needed in order to secure safety. Given this kind of workplace, you have to fully understand how dangerous chemicals can be and therefore, proper handling must be done. Doing so will also help prevent fire as most industrial fires are the result of improper handling and storage of chemicals.

Thanks to the availability of chemical storage cabinets and gas bottle cages that with these, we can now ensure the safety of the people in the workplace. Here is a guide that you can follow in terms of choosing the right type of cabinet for your storage needs.


Proper of Choosing a Storage Cabinet

Since the cabinets are available in different types, you have to figure out which one will be able to fit your needs and provide the most benefits.


Choose Between Poly or Steel

Among the most important things that you should figure out is whether you need a cabinet that is made of steel or polyethylene. Usually, steel cabinets are preferred by many people. However, if you are in need of a storage cabinet for bottles of pesticides and acids, a polyethylene is the best option.


Get the Right Size

Choosing the right size is another important factor that should be considered. This means that you have to decide whether you want a small or a big one. If you only need one for storing chemicals in small quantities, a small cabinet can hold them. But if you are in a facility that handles chemicals in larger quantities, bigger cabinets should be chosen.


The Different Types of Storage Cabinets

It is necessary to know the different types of dangerous goods storage cabinet so you can select one that will meet your needs and demands. You may opt for a flammable storage cabinet that has different models and sizes. You can choose from regular floor, tower, stackable, wall mount, or under-the-counter- model.

There are also some special cabinets that are intended ink and paints. Others are for storing corrosive chemicals and acids. There are also cabinets intended for keeping pesticides and many others.


Important Features

When in the process of choosing the best one, you need to make sure that the cabinet you are consider has adjustable sleeves as the size of a container can vary from time to time. This will spare you the hassle of buying a new one each time.

In addition, the cabinet also need to be corrosion-resistant and has enough sump activity so it can prevent leaks. The seal-of-approval confirming that the cabinet has met the standards and specifications should not be missed as well.